Finding a Way Through Faith

Looking at things just a little bit differently. Seeing things in a new way.

So, what’s new? This is where things just get started.

Harvest Chapter 17

Detroit – same day Mindy went straight from the hospital to Henry’s home and caught him on his way out to visit Francis, one of his congregants. After giving him the news about Tom waking up, she asked Henry if he had told anyone about Tom’s ability to read minds. “No, I haven’t.  Mindy, the… Read more Harvest Chapter 17

Harvest Chapter 16

Beneath the Desert – Same Day Could Jesus help her?  Was he just a man?  Now long dead?  Or was he what he claimed to be?  Could he really be the Son of God? Sonti couldn’t wait to find out.  She wiped her face once more then palmed the unit and re-entered the A.I.  She… Read more Harvest Chapter 16

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