Who am I?

This is the real question, isn’t it?

We all ask ourselves this question everyday and we answer it everyday. How do we answer this critical question in our daily lives? Well, the answer comes in the way we respond to everyday situations. How we greet the teller at the bank, what we say to the stranger in the elevator, how we help the neighbor down the street.

So, who am I? I’m just a guy, just a husband, a dad, a son, a friend. I’m your neighbor, the guy that sped past you in the rusted out car, the poet in the homeless shelter…I’m just a guy looking for faith and yet I’m still trying to handle things on my own.

I work through my questions by writing. The questions I pose to myself are random. Very random according to some. I find myself chasing the proverbial squirrel or two, shiny things, warm cookies. I am easily distracted, but aren’t most of us?

That is what I’m doing here. Asking questions and trying to answer them. I write in essays, poems, lyrics, short stories and unfinished novels. My hope is that you find them interesting, entertaining, thought provoking, but most of all, I hope that you find a way to help you in your journey…and that you trek in faith.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Melissa Robbins says:

    “I’m just a guy (girl) looking for faith and yet I’m still trying to handle things on my own.” Yep, that really sums things up for me.


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