Daddy, why do stars shine at night?

Daddy, will you help build a kite?

Daddy, can you tie my shoes tight?

I’m frightened, Daddy, don’t turn off the light.

Daddy, where do worms go when it snows?

Daddy, will you teach me how to throw?

Daddy, who makes the wind blow?

I missed you, Daddy, where did you go?

Cho. 1

When he was born, that very day

His Daddy came to Me.

Through tears of joy I heard him pray

Lord, grant me one more plea.

Give me strength and wisdom, too

To make his pathway straight

So he will pass from me to you,

From here to Heavens Gate.

Daddy, do operas ever end?

Daddy, are you kissing Mom again?

Daddy, do you remember when???

I’m hurting, Daddy, I’m glad you’re my friend.

Daddy, I’ve met a girl.

Daddy, how can I know for sure?

Where are the answers, where can I turn?

Daddy, I have so much to learn.


In Heaven there is our source of all Joy

There are places reserved for this man, this boy.

And the leaving we do, and the sorrow we feel

Will all end, for in Jesus we are healed.

Daddy, are those tears of joy you’re crying?

Daddy, your life from you is flying.

You taught me so much: the doing, the trying

You taught me the living: teach me the dying.

Chorus  2

When  his Daddy died, that very day

The son cried out to Me.

With tears on his face, I heard him pray

Lord, grant me one more plea..

Give me strength and wisdom, too

To make my pathway straight,

So I can guide my son to You

From here to Heaven’s Gate.

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