Where Heaven and Earth Meet

She sits down at the table – Makes her list for the day.
She fills up every line – Says ‘It’s time to pray’.
Basking in relative calm – Before the kids come down the stairs
She closes her eyes and asks God – To meet with her there.
And she walks through Heaven’s Gates – Wrapped in God’s great power and grace
And she lays her burdens down at Jesus’ feet.
Then rising through her prayer – She realized right there
That a mother’s heart is where heaven and earth meet.
She speaks from her heart – Quoting His Word.
She believes everything God has written – Though to some it’s absurd.
But every angel in heaven – Is gathered ‘round the throne
To hear a mother plead – For her own.

One thought on “Where Heaven and Earth Meet

  1. za8ken says:

    So true. To think that we can enter into the presence of almighty God ,and not only does he hear our prayers He saves them. And they are like incense going up before him continually. Because His time is not our time we think that He doesn’t hear us. He does. And He answers.


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