Turtle Dreams

The turtle dreams of races run

Of races ended and begun.

Of starting and of finish lines,

Of personal best running times.

The turtle knows the rabbit’s speed,

The rabbit’s tricks, the rabbit’s greed.

But the race is not about the hare,

Simply getting from here to there.

If the turtle had not run

Had considered himself undone

He would not have finished the race

No matter how quick or slow the pace.

So, turtle dreams are not the thing

That seasoned racers are to bring.

But lace your shoes and toe the line

And start the race, you’ll do just fine.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Dreams

  1. za8ken says:

    It never occurred to me that turtles do, in fact, dream.
    Are you saying that one is not to consider the steps along the way but to just run?


  2. Jim Van says:

    Just the opposite. Start the race with the idea of being in the race. Dreaming about it or worrying about winning or losing are not the thing to do. Just lace up and start.


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