Love is

Slow snow falling –

Tracing liquid spirals through

Crystalline evening skies.

We hear each frozen masterpiece call

And laugh,

Their voices like twinkling stars

In the cold night.

They make their way from

Heaven to


Pulling us in their wake –

Into their snow joy.

Window panes, frosted in

Delicate designs and

Rippled with age,

Hold back the chill –

Hold in the pleasantness.

Scenes of snow beauty show through

Reflections of design and comfort –

In one flat surface,

Interior and exterior wonders

Juxtapose themselves in

Perfect sense.

Their paneled translucence invites

Us to view worlds, both

Marvelous and mighty, from

Within our own boundary of

Comfort, peace and wholeness.

A divan of wondrous proportions

Cradles us in comfort and

Familiarity.  We recline in royal

Splendor, beholding the prosperity

Of our kingdom and the

Peace of our subjects –

You and I

Spend these hours with

No thought of frugality,

No mention of budget.

Time swirls past us and disappears,

Not willing to interrupt

Or interfere.  Our own

Exhaustion cannot quell

This love, for love lingers

Long after we fall blissfully

Into restful, contented sleep.

The fire in its place crackles

And glows on our sleeping forms,

Our fingers entwined,

Our hearts smiling.  The

Warmth we feel radiates not

Only from the fire,

But also from the

Fire within.

Softly, the flickering light fades

And we are left bathed

In the still light of stars and moon,

Amplified by snow crystals.

Yet even these bid us farewell, and then

We alone know of the bliss

We find in the waning hours

Of the night.

This is love.

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