And God said

These are lyrics, the rhyme is a bit forced, but I am relying on the music to carry its part.

There is a story, written of old

The greatest story that’s ever been told

And it goes like this

And God said . . .

I made the trees to point to me

Every forest, every field

I made the trees to lift me high

They shout my name, I hear their cry

They spread their arms and clap their hands

Looking up to the promised land

I made the stars to sing may praise

And they all do in glorious ways

I made the stars to give their light

Push back the dark, push back the night

The sing my praise all through the day

And in the night, they point the Way


But your heart is My work of art.


And I will too!

Yeah, I will too!

I’ll shine the light and point the way

Push back the dark and sing your praise

I’ll clap my hands and raise them high

And say I live because you died.

Because my heart is your work of art.

Here is the initial work.

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