Harvest Chapter 9

Present Day – Heaven

It was always too bright for his liking, here.  “No need of sun” he recited sarcastically.  ‘When you are God,’ he thought, ‘you can be as bright as you want, even if it is offensive to others!’  As his thought process followed these lines, it plunged through the surface lies and found the truth…Gods’ Light washed out his own brightness.  His own glory was turned to a dull, gray yuck!

How he hated it here.  He hated the souls here.  He hated the angels here.  He hated the beauty and the peace here.  But especially, he hated That One.  The One that bound his present to earth and his future to Hell.  O, how he hated God!

But it was that hatred that brought him here now.  He took every opportunity to accuse That Ones’ adopted children before God, their Father.  He consulted the list he had prepared.  His minions had been busy.  Many successful temptations had been recorded.  Christians…what a pathetic bunch of simpletons!

He made his way through the levels of Heaven.  He saw the places he once called home.  For a second, his thoughts rested on that happy time before the Fall.  Before he was removed from fellowship with God.  He could still be in His Presence, but could no longer be close to Him.  The warm thoughts faded and were replaced by the cold hatred that had consumed him since his binding.

He passed the various groups of angelic hosts and saints.  Each caught up in some activity that, as Satan knew, would directly please God.

The angels were messengering and protecting.  The saints were exhorting and pleading.  It was truly a good thing that the saints of Earth did not have the faith required to see ‘so great a cloud of witnesses’.  In fact, if just one human caught on to the reality of Faith, Satan thought, his already exhausting task would become hopeless as well.  ‘I have a chance to pull the foot of Christ into the Pit.’  I will not go quietly into that eternity!

Satan made his way through the gates of New Jerusalem, past the River of Life and the Tree of Life.  He went by the mansions, some still being worked on personally by Jesus.  Satan judged the coming of the end times by the completion of these mansions.  It was faulty thinking, he knew, but it was one of the few gauges he had to go by.  So as he traveled, he compared previous levels of preparation to what he saw now.  He grimaced at the progress that had taken place in such a short time.  ‘Time waits for no man, or fallen angel, for that matter.’  He hurried on to the Throne Room.

Of all the places he had been, he hated this place the most.  He paused at the massive doors, using their bulk as a visual shield from the force flowing from that room.  In particular, from the Throne.

Two threads combined to form that force.  One was from That One on the Throne.  All that was good originated from Him.  He caused all things to be and exist.  He was Righteousness itself and the supply so others could be righteous.  It was an awesome flow.  Satan blocked it well enough when on earth, but could not cause a ripple in it this close to the Source.

The other thread that twined with righteousness was Praise.  While that too had its origins in Him Who sat on the Throne, it flowed to the throne from those on Earth.  The level of Praise sometimes varied, Satan knew, generally corresponding to his attacks on the saints on earth.  Its power alone was negligible, an emotion to those on earth, but when it came before the Living God, it became a power of tangible strength.

He had wasted enough time here.  There was too much to do.  And although Satan knew that this was an integral part of his strategy to defeat That One, he hated to lose the time on earth.  Ah, earth, his kingdom.  ‘Prince of the Powers of the Air’ That One had called him.  He liked that title.  All except the ‘Prince’ part.  He would rather the title read ‘King’.

With one last surge of pride and hatred to fortify himself, he pushed through into the Throneroom and became immersed in the Praise flowing to, and the Love flowing from, God.

Lucifer, as he was once named, staggered from the full power and majesty of That One.  Though still a great distance from the Throne (the room was the size of a planet) he felt himself drop to his knees.  This humble position could not be helped.  His innermost parts bowed and acknowledged That One as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Lucifer felt himself become near to the Throne.  The pressure that Truth put on him was great.  He called upon all of his hatred and pride to strengthen himself.  He answered the questions God asked him.

“I have been ravaging Your Creation and building my own kingdom.  I have been proving that Your great effort was for nothing.  Your own do not love You.  Some never learn further of You.  All fail to pass even the simplest tests I place before them.”

Lucifer then began his listing of insults and accusations.  The list was long and detailed.  No sin of omission or commission had been missed.

The answer that fell from the Throne was the same as it had always been ‘I’ve covered and removed those sins.  They do not reside in my memory.  They are forgotten.

Lucifer, emboldened by the nearly finished state of the mansions, then asked for permission for certain liberties in his warfare.  How can you hope to win a battle when you have to ask your enemy to let you attack Him?

He ended up with a name that had been a last minute addition to his list.  “I see a man, Tom Cort, one who claims You, and I suppose, You claim him, who is showing a closeness to You brought on by the goodness You’ve granted him.  He would not be so strong if You were not so good!”

The statement that came from the Throne was like a blow from a hammer.  Lucifer answered, “Yes, You have complete authority and dominion.  Your wisdom and ways are unsearchable!”

The next statement was what he wanted to hear, and he acknowledged it “Yes, I will abide by those terms.  His life will be spared.”

With that, Lucifer found himself at the edge of the Throne Room, still on his knees.  After he found the strength to stand, he pushed through to the other side and escaped the presence of the Throne.  He glanced over his shoulder once again at the magnificent sight that spread as far as the eye could see, then turned his back on Heaven and headed to his home.  Earth.

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